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“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.” – Galileo

At Cunningham Dental, we take this quote very seriously. How many times have you heard this from someone who just went to the dentist; “I don’t know exactly what he wants to do to my teeth, but it’s going to cost a bunch of money!”

We want you to understand what’s going on in your mouth. To do this we have invested in TV’s for our treatment rooms. We take high quality pictures and put them on these TV’s so you can see for yourself exactly what is going on. We also have intraoral camera so we can take you on a “tour of your mouth”, and iPad apps to describe what’s going with easy to understand drawings. We use these tools to help earn your trust.


We want you to see what is going on so you will understand how we can fix it. We believe in educating our patients so much that we put it on our office Core Values list: For our team to educate our patients about lifetime dentistry.

It is our belief that if you have a firm understanding of what’s going on in your mouth, you will be more successful at maintaining health. Give us a chance to earn your trust, and become your Paducah Kentucky dentist!

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