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Discount Savers Plan

Are you one of millions of Americans living without dental insurance? Are you embarrassed to smile, but fearful of the cost to get your beautiful smile back? Are you living in pain, convinced that you can’t afford to fix your teeth?

Cunningham Dental understands that it is very difficult to take care of your teeth without dental insurance. We understand that it is even more difficult to care for yourself when you have a family that comes first. That’s why we created the Discount Savers Plan (DSP).

The Discount Savers Plan is intended to help uninsured patients with their initial dental investment, and keep their yearly cost down. It provides patients with a low risk opportunity to see our office, meet our team, and get healthy again.

Without DSP With DSP Savings!!!
Initial Exam $80 $0.00 $80
Initial X-rays $235 $0.00 $235
Whitening $214 $0.00 $214
Crown/Build Up $1,342 $1,073.60 $268.40
1 Surface Filling $166 $132.80 $33.20
Cleaning $83 $66.40 $16.60
Yearly Xrays $63 $50.40 $12.60
Veneer $1,350 $1,080 $270.00
Back Root Canal $973 $778.40 $194.60
Invisalign $5,000 $4,000 $1,000


With a yearly membership fee of $50/single and $100/family*, each patient will receive a FREE new patient exam, new patient x-rays, yearly whitening** as well as 20% off cleanings and treatment.

After your first years investment the membership fee stays the same, and you receive yearly whitening* and 20% off exams, cleanings and treatment.

So how does this add up for you?

New Patient Exam Cost $80 DSP Savings of $80
Xrays Cost $235 DSP Savings of $235
Whitening Cost $214 DSP Savings of $214
Regular Cleaning Cost $83 20% DSP Savings of $16.60

New patient appointment regular fees with whitening= $612
New patient appointment with DSP = $116.40
(DSP $50 membership fee + $66.40 cleaning, including free exam, xrays, whitening)

DSP saves the patient $495.60!

“Is it worth it for my regular cleanings after the first year?”

Periodic Exam Cost $46 20% DSP Savings of $9.20 Yearly $18.40
Regular Cleaning Cost $83 20% DSP Savings of $16.60 Yearly $33.20
Xrays (1x per year) Cost $63 20% DSP Savings of $12.60
Whitening (refills) Cost $54

+ DSP Yearly single membership fee $50

DSP saves the patient $68.20 per year on your regular cleanings!

(For a single person membership)

So is it worth it? Yes. This assumes no treatment is needed, and for a single rather than a family. If treatment is needed, or you have a family plan your savings become much greater!

Crown/Build-up Cost $1323 20% DSP Savings of $268.60
1 Surface Filling Cost $166 20% DSP Savings of $33.20

Now is the time to put your fears aside and get that healthy, beautiful smile back. Enroll in our Discount Savers Plan today!

* Defined as spouse and children under the age of 18.
** 1 3cc tube every 6 months. Trays are included during the first year. Replacement trays made free of charge no more than every 3 years.
Replacement trays may be purchased for $50 prior to the 3 year anniversary of enrolling. Must be 14 years of age to whiten. Age limit is at your doctor’s discretion.