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I have pain or discomfort

Are you feeling pain and discomfort on your teeth and mouth? Do you want premium oral health care? Our practice offers both simple and complex dental treatments to help restore a healthy and dazzling smile. Our general dentistry services offer preventative care such as cleanings, x-rays, and minor dental treatments like filling cavities. Dr. Cunningham will inspect teeth closely and educate patients about basic dental care and the proper treatments needed for their condition.

Dental Check-Ups

You need to see your dentist for a check-up at least every six months. This procedure usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour. During the check-up, your dentist examines your teeth, gums, and mouth, to look for signs of oral problems. If you have any visible oral problems, your dentist may recommend a particular treatment or may refer you to a specialist such as a periodontist or orthodontist for further treatment.

Usually, the dental check-up consists of cleaning and polishing. Dr. Cunningham may polish your teeth using a rotating rubber cup or brush to remove any remaining plaque or stains. He may also use a special tool, called a hand scaler, to scrape and remove tartar build-up from your teeth.


Dr. Cunningham may take dental X-rays as part of our general dentistry services. This will help us find problems with the teeth, mouth, and jaw. X-ray pictures may show cavities, hidden dental structures such as wisdom teeth, and bone loss not seen during a visual examination. We may also conduct dental X-rays as follow-up after dental treatments.

Don’t let pain and discomfort ruin your day. Set an appointment with Dr. Cunningham so we may find out what’s wrong. Leaving dental diseases untreated may lead to more serious conditions. If you have dental anxieties, we offer sedation solutions to ease your fear.
Visit our contact page to set an appointment or if you have questions on our services. Our staff will be more than happy to answer your inquiries.