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iStock_000007776750MediumTooth loss is experienced by many patients across the globe. Because of the fact that it’s a major dental concern, there are now a variety of procedures and treatments to address the problem; but one tried solution remains a staple: dentures. These dental appliances are the most common and widely used means of replacing missing tooth structures. Whether you have one or several teeth missing, dentures support the restoration of natural mouth functionality – partial dentures if you’re missing a few tooth structures, and complete dentures for an entire arch.

Causes of tooth loss vary according to case. Sometimes it’s the result of a traumatic injury, while in some cases periodontal disease or tooth decay lead to loss. Whatever the reason may be, replacing the missing tooth structures as soon as possible should be your biggest priority. Failure to do so may lead to a whole range of complications and other dental problems. Some negative effects of not taking action right away may include a shift in remaining teeth, which may eventually lead to difficulty with biting and chewing. In some cases, it also leads to a sagging facial appearance; a complication that may have you looking older than you really are.

With the introduction of other solutions to address tooth loss, many people have adopted a notion that dentures are now ineffective. Those who think so are mistaken, especially considering the development of these proven dental appliances. Dentures today are designed with patient comfort and functionality in mind. Quality dentures look just like real teeth and function just as naturally if produced carefully and properly. Dentures also improve the look of your smile in addition to looking and functioning like the real thing.

Cunningham Dental takes pride in providing the best fitting, and looking dentures in Paducah. We believe that creating a beautiful denture is an art, and take a great deal of time and effort to make you a natural looking denture. Schedule an appointment with us today and see if dentures are the right choices for your unique dental situation. We look forward to helping you restore the natural look and functionality of your teeth with our solutions for beautiful dentures in Paducah, KY.