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Teeth Whitening

iStock_000012966763MediumEveryone wants the perfect smile. While factors like the size, shape, and alignment of teeth are of equal importance; nothing says beautiful better than a gleaming set of pearly whites. Some are fortunate and born with naturally glowing white teeth, but others have to deal with problems like discoloration. In some cases, negligence of proper dental care also leads to severe staining that tarnishes what were once perfectly white teeth. If you’re embarrassed to smile because of these reasons, worry no more. Cunningham Dental, your local Paducah dental care clinic, will help.

Cunningham Dental is your partner for affordable but quality teeth whitening solutions. Our goal is to help restore the natural beauty of your smile through simple procedures that work.

Teeth whitening is among the most basic and popular cosmetic dentistry services available today. The procedure is easy to accomplish and affordable; and results are long-lasting when coupled with proper care and maintenance. Optimal results are possible either through in-office bleaching or take-home whitening kits. These are the two most widely-used solutions for addressing minor staining and discoloration, restoring the natural shade of your teeth or grading it according to the shade you desire.

Our in office KOR Deep Bleaching system is phenomenal for tough cases. Click on our link to see some of the spectaclar results!

To ensure long-lasting results, we provide every patient with a touch-up kit for home maintenance. Of course, this should come with follow-up appointments if you’d like your teeth to be a few shades whiter. We also strongly suggest that you follow the recommendations we will set out for you after treatment.

Call us today to schedule your teeth whitening treatment with a dentist in Paducah, KY who truly cares about the beauty of your smile. We look forward to seeing you in our office soon!